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1 November 2018

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How it all started

The only way I can get in to my workplace, the door, would no longer be left open for me

What I did to try to overcome it

Spoke to the team responsible and said I cannot access the building by any other route. I stated I'm an intermittent wheelchair user, gave my reasons as to why I couldn't physically walk the other way.

How it made me feel

Awful. I receive full PIP, but still manage to work a 40 hour week. But because colleagues don't see my health issues it's as if they don't exist. I was forced to attempt the route just so they could say they'd shown me the route. This left me physically shaking and upset.

The outcome

As a reasonable adjustment special access locks will be put on the door for me to access my workplace. I was repeatedly informed that it would put them over budget so I was made to feel guilty for wanting equal access. 6 weeks on it still hasn't been done.

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Colin 15 December 2018

I work for the NHS and it took 9 months to get alterations to door for access It was only carried out as I got my union and they asked solicitors for their advice on making a Discrimination claim

Vapegirlclouds 5 December 2018

As an update, 4 months on it still hasn't been done.

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