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28 November 2018

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How it all started

I was working for a hospital, which I thought were there for disabled workers but they weren’t for me. I was discriminated against and contacted ACAS, took a Grievance proceedings but they didn’t even apologise to how I’d been treated and was felt pushed out and had to unfortunately leave. I feel that businesses and people don’t seem interested in disabled workers, which I don’t appreciate as I am as good as a healthy worker, but I was discriminated against. There doesn’t appear, in my eyes, many companies that are very understanding towards disabled workers, as I didn’t ask to be diagnosed with my M.S. I just want others to understand how tough it is for people that are less fortunate to be healthy and have their mobility. It makes me sad and angry.

What I did to try to overcome it

I took them through their Grievance procedure.

How it made me feel

Rubbish, frustrated, upset, exacerbated my condition and made me feel the lowest of the low. It stressed me out and really annoyed me to be made to feel like that, as disabled workers are equal to others and still have their brains, if not for their mobility.

The outcome

No, nothing changed unfortunately!

Final thoughts

I just feel let down by the system and wish I wasn’t disabled.

If you've been discriminated against, read how you can positively assert your rights in our Take Action section

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