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8 February 2019

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How it all started

I am helping a wheelchair-user friend find a flat in the Private Rented Sector but for every single property I'm interested in, I first have to ring or email to ask how many steps there are and the width of the entrances. It means I have missed out on flats because an answer could not come quick enough and the property was gone. I've also ended up spending more money by having to phone.

What I did to try to overcome it

I have started a petition calling on the market leader advertiser to require that advertisers include basic wheelchair-access-facts such as number of steps to the door and doorway widths.

How it made me feel

I am hopeful that the large number of people signing will bring about a change in industry practice.

The outcome

So far, I am still collecting signatures and making wheelchair support groups aware...

Final thoughts

If information about steps and entrance-widths was included, wheelchair users would have the information they need to decide if the property is worth a call or a viewing the same way everyone else would. This small fix would make a big difference. Finding the right property can be tough - even for an able-bodied person. But it is even more tough for wheelchair users. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission said 93% of 8.5 million rental properties in the UK were not accessible to wheelchair users. 360,000 disabled people are living in homes unsuitable for their needs.

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