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1 November 2018

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How it all started

Education Discrimination. Failed by a special school in 12 short weeks including 5 exclusions. Then kept on roll for 3 years at the school because there was no alternative provision available. School recorded his attendence as Code B which means, educated Off site, even though he had no access to any education, no resources. Nothing.

What I did to try to overcome it

Complained to Local Authority, they supported the school because.. Well the books look goid if on paper he has a school and an education. Reported it to Ofsted, who referred it back to the local authority. Reported it to the DfE, but theyre not interested in individual cases. Reported to childrens commissioner, theyre not interested in individual cases either. Reported to my MP who took no action. Im still fighting.

How it made me feel

Isolated, Ignored, Helpless, Demoralised, Invisible. Aside from this, my sons mental health deteriorated and he ran away to commit suicide aged 11. Luckily he was found safe by my neighbour.

The outcome

A couple of months ago, the school finally admitted they had recored his attendence incorrectly. No apology. No action. A freedom of information request shows this is common practice. In my city, 600 children are registered home schooled. Yet 800 children are registered as Code B, educated off site for 20+ consecutive days. Schools cannot afford this level of off site provision, therefore its a lie. These children have nothing. I will fight for them.

Final thoughts

Yes, my subject access request revealed information that shows the extent of the cover up, and Ive asked for an independent investigation... Not sure I will get one.

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