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28 November 2018

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How it all started

I joined a local lesbian group (funded by local authority). Their main meeting room was fully accessible but they had recently got a room in another town, totally inaccessible up and down stairs to get into. I pointed this out and was immediately met with opposition and counter arguments like they could not find another accessible venue. This went on for some time and I was even shunned at meetings whenever I brought this up. Not one woman supported me even though the majority were older women.

What I did to try to overcome it

I found 3 other accessible venues in same town and even cheaper than they were paying but they still were not interested and got even more discriminatory towards me.

How it made me feel

I felt I was the problem not the inaccessible venue. It was awful as it was my only connection with other lesbians in that area that I knew of.

The outcome

No. they did not shift or change their minds. I decided to leave as I was disgusted. (A few months later they stopped the meetings at the accessible venue for the inaccessible one.) I could have complained to the council but I felt I would be a pariah if I did so I just left the group never went again.

Final thoughts

Most of these women worked in public services and knew about accessibility yet they refused to budge on making a new venue accessible. I never really understood why.

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