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12 December 2018

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How it all started

I have severe ME. It took me 20 years of mental health abuse by the mental health services to get the correct diagnosis. Now I am wheelchair dependant, most shops in my local town I can’t get into due to steps. Most services I can’t access due to steps or lighting that hurts my eyes or requirement to phone in the morning. I have needed a drs appointment for weeks but I can’t phone in the morning to get an appointment. Shops are often over crowded so it’s a constant battle to do shopping. I have had medical professionals tell me it’s ok to spend all day getting dressed. I have had them pour water over me in bed to try to get me up, I have had care refused because ‘it’s a mental health problem’ which is Isn’t it’s a neurological problem which many don’t understand. I have had night time care refused ...

How it made me feel

It makes me feel [obscenity]. I am constantly told not to apologise for asking for equal access for being able to do things my friends can do.

The outcome

No nothing is ever changed.

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