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20 December 2018

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How it all started

When it was no longer possible for me to walk any distance I got myself a Mobility Scooter. It was only then I realised that there are no dipped kerbs near my house. I asked my Landlord who put me in touch with the Management Company who would have to do the work. They said see the Council which I did but the pavements around my house have not been adopted by the council yet so was referred back to the Management company. This has been my life for over two years now and no one wants to know. I ruined my first mobility scooter as the only way I could get to the road was over grass. I then had to buy an all terrain mobility scooter so I could go over the grass without ruining the scooter. I really don’t care who is responsible, all I want is to be able to get in and out safely like any able bodied person can. I feel I am being discriminated for being disabled!

What I did to try to overcome it

Still trying to get someone to make a decision.

How it made me feel

I feel very vulnerable and discriminated against. I feel that I don’t matter.

The outcome

It’s been over two years since I first asked about getting the pavement kerb dropped beside my house.

If you've been discriminated against, read how you can positively assert your rights in our Take Action section

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