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23 January 2019

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How it all started

I first realised the discrimination was taking place, after applying for DLA at DWP. Following on after sustaining a severe head injury from an unprovoked assault resulting with GBH upon which an acquired traumatic severe brain injury was sustained. However, the visible facial scars have faded whilst the head traumatic injury still remains ongoing 12 years on to date and still, DWP having changed DLA to PIP I'm still discriminated against by DWP and the assessment process. Of assessors examination procedures.

What I did to try to overcome it

Many of appeal processes over 12 years, in which in only assessment did an assessor with knowledge of sustained head injuries make an appropriate assessment to award PIP. Which has since been withdrawn the following year by another assessment by another assessor that withheld vital medical evidence from the DWP? That an appeal SSC1 has been submitted to the appeal Tribunal.

How it made me feel


The outcome

It is still awaiting a hearing more than 12 months on.

Final thoughts

A list of Medical diagnoses as result from the acquired head injury, causing daily living difficulties. Which my medical GP submitted to Tribunal Appeal hearing. In an ESA SSC1 appeal. Which the Tribunal upheld my application request overturning ESA assessment assessors omitting of the medical evidence to DWP in ESA claim.

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Claireangela 3 April 2019

I feel as a woman born in 1950s that I and 3.6million other women have had our state pension stolen by the governments that have been. I have paid ni for 40 years. Up until I became to disabled to work. I will have lost £45.00 in pension by the time Im 66. The trouble is that the government didn't give us women the decency of a letter in good time that they were going to hike the pension age up three times in such little time. Women our age didn't have the opportunity for a private pension fund and had to take time out of work to raise our children. The government says it is all about equality. So why not bring the man's pension age down to sixty? Its just an excuse that looks good on them. But, we have been discriminated in the work place all our lives and we have to brunt the fact that the government has spent our pension on the national debt. And tell us there is no money left for us. We will see when there is a judicial hearing in June when the women will take the government to court to explain themselves. Please wish us luck. I thank you for reading

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