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23 January 2019

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How it all started

This is about Multiple Sclerosis and that I have to use Mobility enhanced PIP to obtain a vehicle to get to and from work. I have worked at same type of job including TUPE for 12/13 years and had the use of a company vehicle all that time. After a period of illness - due to MS - I have had to undergo a driving assessment through Employer, which I passed. I informed the DVLA who, after a few questions and a consultants letter, allowed me to to drive. I was then told by the company I work for, I had to get to and from work by my own means, hence the opening line. I have been given a diagnosis of Primary Progressive recently after 10 years of Relapsing Remitting and discharged from the care of MS consultants as there is nothing more i.e, medication etc; that can be done. I have felt victimised since I was disallowed a company vehicle but have been afraid to confront my Manager, Personnel or Health and Safety departments. The Manager has been good to me in allowing time off when I'm feeling under the weather and attending appointments. H.R. have also been very lenient with me. I am opening up about this as I have just requested redundancy and am hopeful it comes through.

What I did to try to overcome it

None in the conventional sense except to read up on discrimination and victimisation. I could find nothing similar on any website/blogs and reading some court cases on Victimisation and/or discrimination.

How it made me feel

Not as useful or part of the team. MS takes you down a miserable path. The feeling of being carried and being felt sorry for just adds to the deepening drop in self confidence.

The outcome

As stated, I have felt if I complained or quoted disability laws I may have received short shift. I am not due to retire for another few years but I have requested redundancy. Not purely the company fault but with recent diagnosis of worsening condition I feel I need to go.

Final thoughts

I think that will be enough at present.

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