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23 January 2019

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How it all started

I got left on a jetway by the CAA staff after my wheelchair was put in the hold and the wheelchair I had booked collect me did not turn up . Then the lights went out, I had to call 999 to get rescued.

What I did to try to overcome it

I had called the helpline and the airline customer services after an hour of waiting but as it got later and later no one was answering and then the lights all went out and I knew I had been totally forgotten.

How it made me feel

Scared and forgotten.

The outcome

After calling 999 the police arranged for the CAA to send someone from the airport to come and get me on a buggy but by then my wheelchair and bags were missing as 3 hours had past.

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Denise Sheard 25 January 2019

You must have been very frightened, I would have been. I am unable to go on a plane as I cannot transfer from wheelchair to chair without a hoist

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